GSoC'18 Project Proposal: Linux desktop integrations

Welcome, GSoC'18 students!

This project aims to integrate ownCloud more tightly with Linux desktop environments.
Recently Linux desktop passed the 3% market share which is a great milestone. Also, focus is moving as, for instance, Canonical took over GNOME as their standard desktop environment for Ubuntu replacing Unity. To build on this awesome trend it would be great to identify services provided by different desktop environments that could be used to integrate ownCloud.

An example for this is GNOME Accounts where you could implement ownCloud as a provider of several services like creating WebDAV mounts to access files in ownCloud with the file browser but without syncing them. You could come up with calendar and contact synchronization with ownCloud that are very easy to set up for less experienced users. There's even more features that are provided by ownCloud's powerful APIs that could be used for said integrations. Be creative!

See here for another example. Other Linux desktop environments (e.g. KDE) provide similar services that are open for integration.

  1. Identify services provided for Linux desktop that could make use of ownCloud features
  2. Check the features ownCloud provides via API
  3. Brainstorm which of them would benefit Linux desktop users and find solutions
  4. Implement

If you happen to be interested in participating in this or any of the other ownCloud GSoC projects don't hesitate to contact us here on Central or #owncloud and #owncloud-dev on Freenode-IRC.

Happy coding!

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Would also be cool to integrate in QuickShare, the Plasma 5 applet to upload paste/screenshots/etc to cloud services.

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