GSoC'18 Project Proposal: new files app written in vue.js

We would like to bring some more recent web technologies and new user experience to owncloud.

First steps towards a fresh and modern user experience have been taken already under the code name phoenix.

- implement a fresh new owncloud app
- use owncloud javascript library which has been developer in last years GSoC
- the app should be developed as pure javascript app - the library shall provide all necessary information
- if functionalities are missing in the app it has to be coordinated with the mentor on a solution
- the repo will be hosted within the owncloud GitHub organization and it will be GPLv2 licensed
- the GSoC project is considered successful if the app is working and available to all ownCloud users via the marketplace

Minimal functionalities of the new files app:
- list file by using pagination - please test with a folder with at least 10000 files
- navigate within the folder structure - the url in the browser address field has to adopt accordingly
- allow basic file operations like download, delete, rename
- integrate file sharing capabilities as available today in the existing files app

Stretch goals:
- plugin mechanism to allow other apps to register additional front end elements and operations


I am Mritunjay goutam. I am GSOC 2017 student and javascript developer .Nice to see Vuejs in this GSOC idea. I am looking to start contribution help me to get started.

Hello @DeepDiver1975,
I have gone through these and started setup for this project. I have a doubt regarding owncloud instance URL provided in js-owncloud-client. Here I need some help so I can move forward to using JS api for frontend in VUEjs.

Waiting for reply.

enter the url of your local running owncloud instance - depends on how you did set it up

Hey @DeepDiver1975
I was busy installing owncloud. I installed it and now I am ready for further work on "new files app written in vue.js"
You can check it out here.
But I can not find this project idea name on Is this project is finalized for GSOC 2018 or not ?

In here we collect project ideas which might become official projects depending on the quality of the students application and the total amount of slots we get assigned.