H.265 streaming

I was wondering how many people are using h.265 compression, it really is amazing the quality of video you can get with a much smaller file size. The problem I am having though is that ownCloud won’t play these files via the web interface, you hear the audio but the video doesn’t load. Is there any planned support for this codec? Or for that matter .m2ts / .mkv ? I am trying to decide what to use, and if h.265 in .mp4 / .m4v format will be supported in the future, i think i’d like to go ahead and use it, even if it’s not supported for the time being. Thanks.

I can’t say 100% sure, but I think this depends on the specific browser you’re using. I don’t think ownCloud is using any specific player other than the one provided by the browser itself.

You can check the browser support in https://html5test.com/compare/feature/video.codecs.mp4.h265.html . I don’t know how often they update the page


thanks for the reply, i looked over that list and tried Edge… didn’t work. Wound up trying out Subsonic today with decent results (was even able to use the actual ownCloud database folder, which was a bonus). The h.265 files play great… they might be being transcoded on the fly by the built in player, hard to say as I’m not that familiar with it… but if you set quality to maximum… it’s perfect quality. Their built in DNLA / uPnP is broken completely & still struggling with the SSL certificate stuff to work for both ownCloud & Subsonic… but thats another issue i suppose not at all related to ownCloud.

I guess the point here is… playing h.265 is doable in any browser… with the right backend/plugin… so whatever Subsonic is doing… perhaps a plugin for ownCloud based on those techniques could solve the problem of playing all of the various formats (.m2ts Bluray format even worked surprisingly).