Handling git repos

What is the recommended way to handle git repos? Currently, .git folders are not synced with ownCloud. I’m guessing because the pattern is matched in the ignored files?

Which pattern must I remove for .git folders to be synced with owncloud? Is this even recommended? Syncing .git folders seems to cause problems of its own.

Thanks in advance!


Hidden files and folders (the ones beginning with dot) are ignored by default. You can change in the settings.

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Thank you for your answer! I have changed the settings so that hidden files and folders are not ignored. However, this does not seem to suffice, as I cannot see my git folder when I regard the git repo via the browser interface. Are .git folders additionally ignored via patterns?

Web UI also has a switch to display hidden files. Check the settings in the bottom left corner.

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oh man, I was checking the settings of the webUI, but completely overlooked that button! Thank you for this :slight_smile:

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