Hardware types, best practice etc


I am starting my “move away from Google” journey. I have a new Volla 'phone; no Google OS. This is my first time building a “cloud” at home. I am now looking for a Google replacement for three feature :

  • Calendar
  • File Storage and sharing [including online picture viewing]
  • Some sort of on line Office Write / Spreadsheet [this is a nice to have, not a must have]
  • I will use Joplin for Notes, Joplin will be hosted on Own cloud.

I am looking to host these at home. I am looking for a “hardware guide” to show relative speeds, both for the delivery of content [pictures, documents etc] and throughput speeds etc for actually internet connectivity.

I have seen Pi based hardware and NUC based hardware using i3 > i7 processors. Is there a table, guide, spec’ list for hardware ? Should there be a standalone NAS or would a NUC type pox, with a 1 / 2TB HD be ok ? Can a Pi do the job, or is there noticeable lag, when connected over 4G ?

Thanks everyone.

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