Headless installation wizard



Is headless server initialisation available or has anybody already scripted the input of admin user and password?
This should be as simple as POSTing the user input (what? where? ...), isn't it?

Steps to reproduce
1. install owncloud on a remote headless server

Expected behaviour
Have a script to bootstrap the setup with default settings. Provide username and password for the admin. (Optionally - in the sense that it is not crucial to me - provide other settings like in the web-based wizard.)

Actual behaviour
Need to tweak the firewall to only accept me while not initialised. Run the wizard. Open the firewall for normal use.

Server configuration
Operating system: CentOS 7.2
Web server: current default
Database: current default
PHP version: current default
ownCloud version (see ownCloud admin page): 9.0.4

Special configuration (external storage, external authentication, reverse proxy, server-side-encryption): none

Integrity status for oC9+

Integrity checker has been disabled. Integrity cannot be verified.



you can use the occ tool directly on the server:


If you still want to try the POST route you could have a look at:


Thanks for kindly pointing me to the appropriate doc that also applies to 9.0.

Trying to figure out how I failed to find it: The doc has so many cross-links that must have taken me somewhere before I came across this part. And I was unlucky with my search terms - both here and on duckduckgo.