Help about owncloud

Hi , guys

Please, I just need some basic information at work . Please , if someone can help me . I just started new job now and i have got this hard project to make it. I'm reading some documents to understand better. Please , if someone can start to help me basic step how does it work own cloud ? i just want to make everything on cloud. The company got domain and files on physical server. i just want to create everything on owncloud as server...files ..

1- Do i need to buy one physical server and install windows server 2012/20016 and then i have to install owncloud ?

2- Every desktop i have to install the client to connect at server ? if they make the logon on domain . how does it work with owncloud ?

3-The users can access the file everywhere around the world using internet ?

4 - I can make restrict access on owncloud ?

You may want to read this:

Also, when you go to download ownCloud, it says this:

ownCloud Server does not support Microsoft Windows. We recommend using the the ownCloud Appliance on Windows Server.

No. You can start with a virtual server and install owncloud on a Linux/*BSD operating system (with Apache/PHP/MariaDB). For a few test a virtual machine is sufficient, if you want to deploy it for more users, you probably should look for suitable hardware, manage backups, ...

You have the owncloud client which syncs a folder on your local file system to the server. That's one way, you can also directly use a network drive or only use ownCloud via web-interface.

If you ownCloud is connected to the internet, that should be possible.

ownCloud itself only features a file firewall in the enterprise version ( which can limit access to certain ip ranges, times, ... you can however implement restrictions on the webserver or network level (blocking certain ip ranges, limit number of connections, ...). Or you can hide ownCloud behind a VPN (so people outside your company network have first to connect to your company's VPN).

Gather some experience with webservers in general and owncloud in particular, first only for testing in a local network, before putting anything serious on publicly available.