HELP! Deleted access to an OWN Cloud Document Folder

I am the Administrator of the OwnCloud accounts and I deleted access for a user to get to their Owncloud account. I don't know much about it but I know when he logs in now, his folders are not there. How do I get to his data? I want to copy it to a n external drive but I can't find where it's stored. Please help!

Have you looked in the trash bin?

I thought the trash bin deleted the profile. Are you referrring to the trash bin to the far right of the profile?

no. Go to the files view page in ownCloud.

in the left bottom left corner there is a trash bin icon. Can you look there?

Nothing in there. See the problem was that I deleted his AD account and this disabled his access to his own cloud. We realized it later and reenable his account. After we logged in we noticed that none of his documents were there.


what oc version are you using?

How did you install owncloud?

did you perform a user sync with the "delete" option?

can you perform an

ls -la

on the owncloud/data directory?