Help - Not a bug - Recover mysql db

I corrupt my Fedora 25 through bad rood operation and had to reinstall
Before reinstalling I succeed through livecd to saved : /etc/owncloud/config.php + /var/lib/apps/*.* /var/lib/data/*.* /usr/share/*.*
I install Fedora 26 with owncloud
Start properly
I tried to change config file to go on data directory but that doesn't seem to be enough to have it work.
Is it possible to have this new owncloud work with recoverd data ?
Thanks in advance

Do you have a backup of all your data and your database?
You'll need the same ownCloud version like before to recover it. After that you can upgrade it.
Here is the instruction:

Thanks for your answer. I was on leave and just back.
I am on Fedora OS.
I just saved /var/lib/owncloud ; usr/share/owncloud and etc/owncloud
but I didn't save any files from mysql folders.

Is it enough ?


You don't need any mysql directories, but a database dump. Follow this instruction with the backup of the database.
ownCloud can't find all the files without database entries...