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I need help with owncloud It turns out that my owncloud server would not have its database and it would not synchronize and it would not start, so I entered with ssh to my server and copied the complete owncloud folder, I restored that vps with a save from 6 months ago but when I overwrite the archivos does not show me the new files, if you see them by ssh but not inside by the cloud and when I try to access the files that I have saved on my pc it does not give me access, and I tried to take my files inside data/file/adams and look for a program that decrypts the files and nothing, I need to be able to decrypt and be able to recover my readable files

use “sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --all” to scan
[Using the occ Command :: ownCloud Documentation](https://Using the occ Command)

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I need example on Debian 11 because i am rocky in server ownloud

Please read this article: Using the occ Command :: ownCloud Documentation

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