Help regarding runing scripts in Owncloud

I was trying to implement the github project based on Owncloud ( As mentioned in the instructions we need to upload a folder and run the scripts but I am not able to configure how to run scripts like js in Owncloud.

Please help as I am very new at Owncloud and have very little time for implementation of the project.

Thanks in Advance.


if the setup instructions are not clear maybe it could make sense to ask for extended documentation at the link you have provided. I think the developer of that software might know best how it needs to be configured / installed.

I am trying to approach them also in meantime I was trying to figure it on my own.
Can you tell that if we can run HTML files in owncloud. I tried it by uploading a HTML file but if I click to run it, its get downloaded.
There are few more queries regarding Owncloud10:

  1. How to open a document in owncloud. I am uploading a document and open it in the cloud but every time it gets downloaded.
  2. Can you please throw some light on this topic (( It may be related to running the scripts.

Thanks for helping.


i don’t think that ownCloud will run such scripts / html files.

Thanks for helping!