Help setup static public IP

Dear all,
Thanks in advance for any help i might receive.
I setup Owncloud on VirtualBox on Windows 11 Pro.

It works fine local.

My isp assigned me a subnet of public IPs. I forwarded the ports 80 and 443 to the IP address of owncloud.

But i still cant access owncloud using my static IP when I am outside the network.

Can someone help me configure it correctly?

thanks again

While there are undoubtedly a fair amount of readers and visitors here that know how to configure such an environment, you are probably going to have better luck with that question in a general purpose computer networking forum where it is within the scope of discussion.

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thats fantastic thanks.I hoped someone with experience on Virtualbox and Owncloud could have the answer.

Someone with experience with both did answer. You need assistance learning basic network troubleshooting, which is completely off topic for the ownCloud forum.

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