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I am new to Owncloud, and have just installed it in ClearOS. I also mounted a large drive to use as the repository for the data, but have been unable to use it. I tried following the instructions given by ClearOS but it simply will not work. The error I get is no .ocdata file, but it is in the data folder in the new mount.

I copied everything in the original folder to the new location, edited the config.php file and it will not work.
i also noticed that there is no apache in ClearOS, I assume it would need to be installed as well ?
Can someone please guide me through fixing up the installation I have on ClearOS, thanks.


Unfortunately it’s not that easy. Please have a look at the relevant doc page.

How could you install ownCloud then?

ClearOS includes the Apache web server – the same software that powers many of the world’s largest web sites.

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Thanks for the link, I’ll have a look.

As to the install, well on ClearOS Owncloud is an app you simply choose for install and I would have assumed all dependencies are installed when the app is installed.

Apparenyly it is not the case, I am also asking for help in the ClearOS community, as the install and setup guides say nothing about having to install other services prior to Owncloud. I guess the App in the ClearOS Marketplace is different to the normal Owncloud install version for Linux.

Thanks, and I’ll be asking for more help if needed !!!


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Hi manolo2001,

if you decided to install ownCloud as an ClearOS app I’d recommend to ask this question in a ClearOS forum (what you obviously already did), since they are bundling the apps. I am afraid we cannot help you with this.

Then, the ClearOS app i found at looks highly outdated. You should not use this, if this is the only option.

Additionally I do not see why they want to charge you when ownCloud itself is free (unless you choose to buy some extra support or nedd some enterprise apps).

From my point of view I’d rather not fiddle with this variant, I’d perform a manual installation.

Manual installation is documented at
From what I read on Wikipedia, ClearOS is based on RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), so I guess you can search for additional documents discussing ownCloud/RHEL installations.

Finally, ClearOS does not convince me at all. Consider changing your distribution, if this is an option for you.


Hello Cortho,
Thanks for the reply, yes I am trying to get help from the ClearOS people, they only have the outdated version. They do not charge it is more of a donation thing as I can install it in the background without going through the marketplace. But if it is outdated what would be the point of installing it. I am going to give the manual install a shot, and will come back if I have any further issues.

As to ClearOS, to be honest it has benn a bit bitter sweet experience overall, some things are really good, and it manages to pack a lot of things that can be used very easily from say the firewall apps, gateway filters, content filters, a small smtp server with AV and Spam control, a small web server as well, and so on, but it is in no way a finished product, and in many ways it feels as work in progress. This nextcloud bundle, and to be honest it is the same thing with the Nexcloud they offer. So I guess it is not bad, but has the potential to be really good, i guess it’s just a matter of them getting things finished and maintaining what they have.

Thanks for the help.



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