Help with installing Owncloud X on Qnap NAS


Hi guys

I am hoping for someone out there that has experience installing Owncloud X on a Qnap NAS.
Simply put the package on my Qnap works to the point of wanting to install.

ANY data directory i specify can’t be written to regardless of what permission i try…be that Httpdusr or as admin. I set 804 in around 3 hrs. would love to get 10 working but at this point it looks like i need to look elsewhere.

I hope somone out there can help !!!


Try to use a directory with full permissions (0777) to check if everything works and then start reducing permissions to the minimum. Also double-check the user your webserver is using.
In addition, check the ownCloud logs


Thanks for responding!

I have managed to get it to accept the data directory
(0755) and setting the user to httpdusr.

It nows comes up with this

The log file is blank. If I set it to 0777 it makes no difference.


Unlike 8.0.4 there seems to be no install files written except a docker file.

Any further advice would be appreciated. Is running on an apache inbuilt server that comes with qnap preinstalled.


Cannot write into the “config” directory

Now you know the problem, and the solution is quite obvious (ownCloud needs to write in the config directory). As for how to reach the solution, I can’t help much since I’m not familiar with that setup.

You might want to ask in any qnap forum to check how ownCloud is setup and how you can give the required permissions to ownCloud to run


Ok you state that it is obvious, I would agree but the access rights have been set to the same as the rest of the folder. So owncloud can enter database and data folder but can’t edit config … just weird.


If it’s using docker, the user being used by ownCloud might not be httpdusr but another. That’s why I suggested to use 0777 permissions: so ownCloud can write into the directory and you can check the user being used by ownCloud. After that, you can adjust the permissions so ownCloud is the only one having access there.