Help with missing files!

Hi everybody,

For a customer, I've installed to the new version of owncloud server, but now when users upload files and share with others there are a problem. I've old file in the folder and an user upload one new file.

The other user open the shared folder and he see the two old files but not the new file. He needs to logoff and logon again to his session to see the new file. When my customer alerts me, It happens with many users but never with my "admin" account.

I checked the rights and the owner (www-data and chmod 755). Everything is ok and i don't understand.

Server configuration
Operating system: Debian 8.5
Web server: Apache
Database: MySQL
PHP version: 5.6
ownCloud version (see ownCloud admin page): 9.1
Updated from an older ownCloud or fresh install: Fresh install

Is the user uploading the file via webinterface or oc-client?

Nope via Samba share and the folder is mount by samba share in owncloud.


I use an external storage with another directory location on the same server where owncloud is hosted:

Home storage are disabled for all users, everybody need to access to the external storage.

When i try command the result is:

Starting scan for user 19 out of 38 (JF-MAIZIERES)
Home storage for user JF-MAIZIERES not writable
Make sure you're running the scan command only as the user the web server runs as

The user "admin-caro" share the "DATAROOM" folder to the others, when i create a file with a SMB client and i try to acess to the folder i never seen the new file, but when "admin-caro" go to the share folder the file comes up for all users.