Help with new appliance installation


Hi we need a little help … we install on our vmware servers appliance of owncloud.
All working good… but one small problem that its works only in the same VLAN that the owncloud server was installed.
Do we need change some parameters in apachi config ? for get access from other vlans? or something else?

And yes we check our firewall and it configured fine .



I am not sure but are you asking what you should change in your infrastructure?

Could you explain a little bit more in detail what you are trying to achieve and what is going wrong?


I have installed the owncloud applaince …
After installation its works only on the same vlan that the server was installed.
I want to open access from other vlans to the owncloud server.


Well, then it’s your infrastructure admin’s job to achieve that, isn’t it?


Hi Dmitry

I am in admin in my company .

What i trying to ask if there is something special that need to be configured in the owncloud server (applaince installation) .

We problem is the we cant access to owncloud url from other vlans … the server installed in 172.17.2…
and the access to the web console only works in the same vlan … but i have other user vlans that cant accent.

My fortigate firewall is configured right . its look like something in the owncloud server blocks the connection from other vlan … but i don’t know what exactly …