Help with Web Installer

I'm a newbie trying to do a new installation on my Hostpapa webserver.

I grabbed the PHP file installer called "setup-owncloud.php" then put it into the public_html folder, navigated to it and ran it.

I get the following error:

Warning: scandir(tmp-owncloud1479639574/owncloud): failed to open dir: No such file or directory in /home/(mydomain)/public_html/setup-owncloud.php on line 158

I checked line 158 and it looks like it's trying to rename a folder that isn't there. I wondered if it didn't have the right permissions to create the folder in the first place, so I checked this and gave the setup-owncloud.php folder 755 permissions to see if that would help. No luck.

Any thoughts?


just use the archive file from and extract its content to your public_html. The webinstaller is also just doing the same (and nothing more) so i think it doesn't worth to debug your environment to fix it that the webinstaller is working.


That worked, though now I have another problem. I got a bunch of errors post installation, saying things like PHP "fileinfo" is missting and the WebDAV interface is broken. I dropped my host provider a message and their reply was "no we don't offer WebDAV, we are using Linux".

Time to look for another host provider, or are they being obtuse?


owncloud is providing webdav through php, so your hoster does not have to provide that. However the fileinfo-module in php would be good but it is not required (the list of required modules can be found here:

Here some more guides what to do about webdav errors:

Closing here as the initial question is solved. Please create a new thread for each new issue/question for the reasons explained here: