Helpdesk Applications for woncloud


I have a question, no real issues.

I was wondering if anyone out there know is there is a “Helpdesk” type application for Owncloud?
Something similar to the Announcement center app, for owncloud users to be able to raise help request?

I would like to build one but not really familiar the app structure to be able to make it work.
Looking for something simple were users can raise an issue and it would send and email notification to the admins, and users can see the responses, but only edit their own request ( this is nice to have), at least once a request has been raised only admins can edit.

Any other suggestion are welcomed.


I don’t think there is any.

On the other hand, I doubt it will be really helpful. I mean, you can have your own stand-alone service with all the features the service provides. If you want some kind of integration between the service and ownCloud, you can try to connect them via LDAP so all the LDAP users can access to both platforms.


Hi Thanks,

I didn’t think there was any but worth asking, at this time it was only an idea being floated.
We are considering the LDAP approach.