Hi,can owncloud like onedrive that i don't open client but can look up my file?

like this?


can you specify your question a bit more?

Do you mean ownCloud’s windows explorer integration?

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2.5 is very old. 2.8.2 is the current version.

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Can OwnCloud be like OneDrive in Windows 10? Instead of using a client, you can see the hierarchical directory structure of the cloud as shown in the red circle above. Please ignore the version number in the figure, this is just an example.

Yes, Windows Explorer Integration.

Instead of using the client to access and manage your data, you just see the files in your windows explorer, like the normal windows files and directories. Do you mean this feature?

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Hi @sthan,

It would be a lot more helpful if you’d explain in more detail what exactly this means:

  • Users of this forum are here because they are using ownCloud, so in general I wouldn’t expect them to know how OneDrive works.
  • Additionally many users might not have access to Windows to see and try out how OneDrive might behave and what you mean with this.

=> If you explain which behavior exists in OneDrive, we can tell you what configuration options you have.

Generally, in newer clients, 2.7+ (but please don’t install such an old version), you have two main modes of operation: VFS vs not VFS, I’d recommend to try it out and see whether it covers your use case.

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Yes, that’s what I mean. Sorry, my English is poor

Sorry, my English is poor. I’m using the latest version of OWNCloud and I want to load OWNCloud into a file explorer like OneDrive.

Great. This should happen automatically. Is the screenshot you posted from your installation?

If yes - then ownCloud is already integrated in your windows explorer file system, you can click on it and access / manage your files / share files.

What is missing from your view?

Here is our official documentation regarding the sync client and it’s usage.

Using the Synchronization Client :: ownCloud Documentation

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