Hosted ownCloud Providers in the USA

Hi All,

I've been running my own ownCloud instance at home for a couple of years now and it's been very time consuming and wanted to know what is the best hosting provider in the USA?

I am going to move to a hosting provider to get much time back into my life so I don't have to worry about administuring my ownCloud instance at home.

Thanks again

On the forum are very few users using the hosted versions, so don't expect too much feedback here. From what I've read in the past, I'd rather go for a short-term contract in case you are not happy with the services and also a service, where you can get all your data in the end if you want to move to a different provider.

What took you so much time in ownCloud administration? Setting it up once takes a bit of time, then you have the 2-3 updates a year, that's not so much.