How can I add a shortcut folder to my owncloud? (linux)

I wish to add a shortcut folder to my owncloud instead of copying the folder, because it is a very dynamic folder, with constant changes.

Is there a way to do that?

Hey, maybe you can explain in a few more details what you’re trying to achieve? I think this could help to get better answers as for me it is e.g. not clear what a “shortcut folder” is and where you want to add it.

Hi, I don’t know if my situation is identical or not but I am looking for a similar solution:

I am looking to create a folder not requiring a folder for just downloading and viewing, and a folder within that folder which requires password access for uploads.

I can’t seem to do this because permissions can only become more relaxed and not stricter (i.e. I could have a password protected folder and then a folder without password-protection inside that folder but not the other way around).

My plan B was to create a folder in the root directory that was password protected but allows for uploads and create a shortcut to this folder (either by absolute link or directly by creating a shortcut to that folder within the OwnCloud folder that just points to its relative location to the root) and then to move this shortcut into the publicly accessible folder. I can’t seem to do this either and it won’t allow me to upload a shortcut file.

I think plan B is more doable considering the current architecture of this platform… Is there any way of creating a shortcut file here?