How can i change the fonts used in ownCloud?




after installing ownCloud 9.0.1 on Suse 13.2, I wanted to write a short user documentation. In the process I stumbled over the nearly illegible user interface (IE 11.0, Firefox). The font for non highlighted items is so thin and light gray that I have trouble reading it. Screenshots for my documentation with reduced image size are nearly useless. So I,m looking for a way to modify the font/color/highlighting to pimp the interface for non eagle eyed users (inclunding me :slight_smile: .
Since my expertise with html/css is very limited: is there a package I can install? In the absence of such a package, could somebody please tell me exactly what to do/give me a pointer to a really thorough documentation?




the only documentation for theming ownCloud is available here:

where some pointers are given how to change font colors etc.