How can I change the integrity hash for a file?


I’m getting the integrity check warning. While I understand why I’m getting that warning, I want to change the hashes causing it. That is not explained on the docs

  1. I have a custom .htdocs - I need it to solve the following issues:

    1. I have php73 installed and running in some scripts, but owncloud does not support php73, so I have a AddHandler application/x-httpd-php72 .php. Obviously I won’t remove that customization in order to replace the “There were problems with the code integrity check. More information…” with a “Owncloud does not run on php 7.3.”

    2. Additionally, my server does not support PUT unless specifically stated in the .htdocs (see (Can't upload any file - PUT is forbidden (Owncloud 10.0.8)) — that solution is still relevant with owncloud on my server). So I have a <Limit GET POST PUT DELETE> Allow from all </Limit> at the end of .htaccess.

  2. Finally, I have my server indexed in the google search console, so I have an additional random-name file for google verification purposes.

I wonder if I can edit some file to change the signature for .htaccess and the additional file, so I get warnings when some other file is changed, only. Is there a way I can sign a “fork”, for my site only?


It is signed by ownCloud. Therefor you can’t change the hashes. However

Exclude files from the integrity checker command
shows you how you can define exceptions.

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