How can I upload into a shared folder?



I have an external application that I'd like to have upload files into my ownCloud 9.1 server. I don't want the app to have my ownCloud credentials so I created a shared folder with a shared link and a password. How can I use e.g. curl to upload files into that shared folder?


This should work:


Doesn't work. (set up .netrc with the link name and password)

$ cadaver
Could not open collection:
404 Not Found

variations like ...owncloud/public.php/dav/files/myusername and ...owncloud/public.php/dav/files/myusername/mysharename also fail in a similar manner.


I changed my workflow by just a bit and I think I have something that works. I created a new user with a new username and password and had that account share a folder with my main account. I can then use cadaver to upload into that shared folder and I don't need to store my owncloud account info in cleartext anywhere.


This is a workaround. I only tried on OC 8.2 and I had a authentication error. Not sure about this, you can try to create a shared folder on and try to login as adviced in the docs. If it doesn't work, open a bug report