How can Owncloud-only users change passwords when OwnCloud is Integrated into AD

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We have OwnCloud integrated into AD and there are quite a few users who only have OwnCloud and do not log onto the domain at all. If OwnCloud was not integrated into AD, then the OwnCloud users could change their passwords by going to Settings > General and changing their passwords. However as its integrated these options are removed.

Other than manually changing their passwords in AD, is there a way the users can change it themselves?

PS - I dont know much about OwnCloud other than what it does, so im not technical on the subject at all im afraid.

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If the users come to ownCloud from AD, they can change the password only in AD.

It does not matter if they never log into AD with their credentials, what’s important is - they were created in an Active Directory and ownCloud is just getting them from there.

To put it simply - ownCloud has no write permissions in an Active Directory user’s attributes, like password, email, or Display Name.

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Thanks alot for your help Dmitry this is a really helpful reply which I can provide. Thank you :slight_smile:

No Problem. For more information and screenshots here is the documentation with how and where to change the settings:

here is the section with the expert settings, which you probably need

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