How can you create a private link directly to a file?

Expected behaviour

I would like to create a private link to a specific file, such that when users click on the link, the specific file will be downloaded or viewed.

Actual behaviour

When the link is clicked on the entire directory is shown. This makes owncloud not very useful. There a many files in the folder and the users will need to search for the file that they are looking for. I CAN create the desired behavior if I create a public link and select “download/view”, However these are sensitive files that I would like to link to for a significant amount of time; it is not desirable to have public links for these files.

I see this was asked in another post, but there was no answer:

Server configuration

ownCloud version: 10.4.1 (stable)

Client configuration

Client version:

Operating system: Windows 11

Desktop client retrieves the private link from a server API. So this would be a feature request for the ownCloud server backend. Probably this won’t happen for ownCloud 10, but maybe you want to propose this for the new architecture oCIS and the new ownCloud web:

I don’t understand why you say this is the actual behavior. I just made a public link to the “Example.odt” file in my private ownCloud account. I went to a different browser that is not logged in to ownCloud. I pasted in the link. It offered to download the file. There was no entry to the server at the directory level!

Please recite the steps you are performing to create your share.

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