How change time to archiving

Hi, friends.
I have Installed Desktop client for Windows.
Q: Can I change time to archiving ? If Yes - how ?

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Thanks for your question. However I fear I don’t understand. What do you mean with “time for archiving” can you ellaborate what exactly you are trying to do?

Hi. Maybe my fall.
I try ownCloud about a month ago. And then I saw an inscription “Next sync will be after 12 hours” /or kind of/. And I can’t find a way to change time to synchronization. I want ownCloud make sync my folder–> cloud every day in 23.00 o`clock. And save only new files.
Today I install ownCloud again and don’t see this inscription. Maybe new version is different.
In old version I see checkbox “Don’t delete old files from Cloud”. In new - no this possibility.

In two words: I have a folder on my computer where archives are recorded each day in 22:00. I want ownCloud make synchronization every day in 23:00 and save only new files on cloud and don’t delete old.
Regards again

The ownCloud Desktop Client syncs continously. However with the command line client you could start it via cron job daily at a certain time and do one sync run. If you just want to upload, you would just do a curl put using the webDAV API once a day.