How do I change the wording of the welcome screen on the owncloud server appliance VM?

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Steps to reproduce
1. When logging into the OC server appliance VM, it still shows the admin username and password on the welcome screen even after going through the setup script and changing the password. I've also seen the directions to click hide from the web page. This still doesn't hide the password on the VM screen. I've looked into how to do it on ubuntu, but I'm only finding instructions on how to change the background for the desktop version, not the command line welcome screen.

Server configuration
Operating system: Ubuntu 14
Web server:
PHP version:
ownCloud version (see ownCloud admin page): owncloud 9.1

Nevermind, I worked it out. For those of you Linux rookies like myself.
You have to edit a file with the following command:
sudo nano /etc/issue

This changed the screen for me.

In experimenting with this myself on Ubuntu with ownCloud 9.1, I found that if you restart after editing /etc/issue the password will again be populated on the appliance console.

You can use the following command to edit the script the generates that information:

sudo nano /var/scripts/

You may also want to edit in that same folder. I just put "exit" near the top to keep that script from running on every login with the admin user.

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