How do I configure mysql 7.0?

The instructions here seem to be for mysql 5.0. A lot seems to have changed. As I'm new to mysql and relational databases I'm lost with trying to translate these instructions to mysql 7.0 which has now installed by default. Could anyone please help?

"I get stuck here: The PHP configuration in /etc/php5/conf.d/mysql.ini could look like this:...."
Well there is no such path. I have /etc/php/7.0/mods-available/pdo_mysql.ini which seems like it might the correct new file. It's basically empty. Should I just copy and paste the listed settings in the new file I found? Says "could look like this". Seems more information will be required. I'm not sure if that is the correct new file as there are other possible ones, nor am I confident that this would still work as is given the other obvious changes.

I have followed the rest of the instructions there to create the database using Terminal without any errors, but I'm still getting this error message in the installation wizard.

You can give the installer your root credentials and ownCloud will create a user and database for owncloud itself.

Well, I followed the instructions to install ownCloud server via the command line. I found those instructions here: (Click Ubuntu)

Do these instructions not give root credentials via Sudo? Or are you referring to the root credentials for SQL that are required by the wizard? Yes, I have entered those "root"/"password set when installing SQL" I have also checked this password in that it is accepted when I enter $ mysql -uroot -p.

So, did I end up on the wrong track for my extremely limited understanding and should I now try to start over in a different way? I guess I would need to figure out how to purge my system of anything that might interfere with reinstalling via the alternate installation method that seems to be referred to.

Any specific help in getting me past the current problem I am facing would be greatly appreciated.

I was referring to that. You can also try the command line:

cd /var/www/owncloud/
sudo -u www-data php occ maintenance:install --database
"mysql" --database-name "owncloud"  --database-user "root" --database-pass
"password" --admin-user "admin" --admin-pass "password"


Thank you for your reply and directions. I followed the directions here to set strong permissions. I ran the script there. I see that I got stalled in following those instructions because $ cd /var/www/owncloud/ fails with "Permission denied" I had forgotten about this. I think you probably have me back on track. I guess I'll have to modify the permissions so that command at least will work. I'll have to review how to do this, so any tips would be appreciated.

I now followed and ran that script, but it didn't help. If I don't misunderstand, is it possible that this user and group does not exist on my system? I'm not sure why that would be, if never created or if I did something at some point to remove them. $ users returns no such user, and $ groups returns no such group. Do I need to create them and set their permissions? I better mention that I'm working on the desktop version of Ubuntu on which I've installed server packages.

We can't tell you which specific user you need to use here (especially as you never have told here which linux distribution you're running). This is up to you as an admin to know which users your webserver is running as as explained in the documentation:

and replace the htuser and htgroup variables with your HTTP user and group

Please note: Running ownCloud needs at least basic knowledge about linux and webservers. Teaching those in this forums are IMHO far out of the scope of this forums.

It might help to get a little bit familiar with linux and servers first before trying to setup a service like ownCloud (especially if it needs to be accessible from the outside).

It doesn't need to be accessible from the outside and I don't have a static IP address. I only finally took the plunge because I want to sync files on Google Drive to my local disc in Ubuntu with end to end encryption. I've not found another solution.

I was just going with this "The HTTP user and group in Debian/Ubuntu is www-data." But I guess that would be a default on the server version. Does not exist on the desktop version, and I could just set it to my own account instead I guess or a limited account only used for that. Well, thank you. I think I'm getting to where I can sort it out.

I've install lamp-server^. It seems installing tasksel might be unnecessary.