How do I connect to my QNAP through Android?

I installed onto my QNAP OwnCloud 8.1
I downloaded from the Play Store OwnCloud 3.0.4

I went through the Admin setup on the QNAP and am looking at the file list.
On the mobile app it is asking for the server address. I have tried:

http : //
http : / /

and every other combination I can think of. NONE OF THEM SHOW A USERNAME OR PASSWORD LINE.

Most of the time, I get a “Failed to connect to server”, but I have seen other errors as well.

From the phone in a browser, http :// takes me straight to the QNAP login.

Any advice for a 1st time user?

You may want to start with figuring out how to install a newer version of ownCloud on your QNAP.

OwnCloud 8.1 has been unsupported for over six years.


" Operating System
The ownCloud app works on QNAP NAS devices running QTS version 4.5.4 and higher."

Unfortunately I’m stuck on 4.2.6


i don’t think that any recent versions of the ownCloud clients (Android, iOS, Windows/Linux) are still compatible with such heavily outdated ownCloud versions.

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You can download older versions of the Android on F-Droid or *.APK‘s from the releases on that should work with older ownCloud version. Search feature here is your friend.


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