How do I stop mirroring of data on local Macbook pro hard drive? Version 2.5.5631?


I have a cloud server running owncloud and being backed up by a service. I primarily use a Macbook Pro with a small 250 GB hard drive. As of late, it has been giving me a message that I'm running out of space. Apparently, the data is being mirrored on the local hard drive.

How do I turn off the mirroring to my laptop?

My IT guy is not familiar with Mac OS. I am currently running High Sierra version 10.13.3. My server is a Windows 10 server. I believe the version is 2.5.5631.

Your assistance is appreciated!


Can you un-select the folders that you don't want to be synced to your laptop in your desktop cloud?

That folders won't be synced to your local drive - so you got more space.

Hello Dmtry,

Thanks for the response. Where would I deselect synch, on the server or on the Mac laptop?

Again, thanks for the quick response.


on the laptop. In the Sync client. You can go in settings, click on your folder, and deselect folders.