How do you compile samba-4.8?

I’m using Owncloud old 2018 Docker image and it’s working very well. But since it’s deprecated i’m trying to build a new Owncloud server using the owncloud/server docker image.

Problem is : the image doesn’t work on aarch64 (arm64v8)
So i’ve git pull everything and started to build from scratch, but the owncloud/php docker image pull a repository from which contain only i386 and amd64 packages. :frowning:

I mostly use Centos and Archlinux so i’m quite a noob in .deb packaging but i’m wondering how do you compile and build those packages? Do you have a CI/CD where i could get how you do it?

Thank you for your help

Any help?
Please T_T

I would recommend to have a look in the samba documentation about how to compile it.
Alternatively you could have a look if some debian based distro has already done that work for you and if you can use their binaries somehow.
Sorry I can’t do more here, and as you see ownCloud is using sernet packages, so ownCloud doesn’t compile samba themselves either.

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Thank you, i’ve managed to compile it and build the docker image