How does filecloud community edition compares with nextcloud & owncloud?

I recently came across filecloud community edition platform which seems interesting and offers a lot in 10 dollars. I am looking for such a solution, but i don’t know how it fares against the likes of nextcloud and owncloud. Can someone please help in this regard?

You can take a look at their website.
There is a comparison for both of your questions.

Have fun. :slight_smile:

For ownCloud a list of providers can be found at
Since I don’t want to prefer any hoster, I wouldn’t tell names, but there are plans starting from € 1,50/month.

I don’t know much about filecloud, but

Edit: fixed link


I don’t believe you can rely on the information provided with those links.

In the first link, for instance, there is a comparison table between filecloud and ownCloud, where they state that ownCloud cannot be run in docker, the tell Supported Local Storage is n/a for ownCloud which both is definitively wrong.

There are several more wrong points that I’ll not discuss in detail, but the provided information is definitively wrong, period.

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