How does OwnCloud fare without Redis?


I’m currently setting up OwnCloud 10.13.4 on Rocky Linux 8. Works nice so far, except there seems to be now way to configure Redis. Rocky 8 sports PHP 7.4 OK in the official repositories, and it even has LTS support until 2029, which looks good.

Except there’s no way to have the PHP Redis module for that version. If I want that, I have to enable a third-party repository that replaces my LTS version of PHP 7.4 with a stale and unmaintained version.

So no joy with Redis. Now will it work OK without that component ?



I never had a problem without Redis. But I think it’s a performance thing, depends on the number of users you have.


I would agree that Redis is probably only needed if you have a larger installation with more than a handful of users.

In that case you can still install the Redis PHP module pretty easily though from PECL using pecl install redis. You may need to first install the php-pear package from AppStream.


That is correct, it is mostly related to performance. If not configured, the database locking backend will be used as fallback. This is not as performant as Redis, but it will work for small setups. Note that Redis could also be used for storing users’ sessions. Alternatively, local session management on the application server needs to be used.


OK, I found a solution to get everything working as expected. I documented it here:


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