How does Shared folder work?

Are there some regular users of Shared folders around?

As a user of ownCloud, I wonder, how is the Shared folder functionality supposed to work? Is my client supposed to receive automatically a shared file put on the server through the client from the person I share the folder with? The user manual does not tell about this, AFAICS.

I ask because for me it does not work, and I wonder if this is due to an older version being used on one of the servers we use (10.3.2 and 10.1.1); or configuration settings…

Please note: I am not a server manager; just a user. I just wonder if this is supposed to work; if not, no need to investigate further!

(I asked a similar question but with a much too complex explanation, which I think has not been understood; and probably using an incorrect category. I hope this question is better understandable; otherwise, please tell me. I hope it is ok to try again with a more focused question.)

Just in case someone has the same question: I finally realized that I really need to use the guest sharing functionality. The good news (which I find pretty unclear in the user manual) is that those guest users can then in turn use the ownCloud client to sync files.

Federated sharing could not have worked in my setup, as the administrator must have trusted the other server first (which I also found pretty unclear in the manual).


I have filed an issue for possibly improving the documentation about this.