How does the upgrade from 9.1.5 to 10.0.1?


I get in my Updater in the Admin menu (9.1.5) not the latest owncloud 10 Versin displayed.
Gladly I would perform an update, how do I proceed?

Or should you generally wait with ownCloud 10?



We will switch on the update information when we are convinced that its really rock solid. Hope you can stay patient till then. Anything in particular which is interesting for you in ownCloud X?


Thanks for this infornation.

The interesting thing ist php 7.1 support.


You can also do a manual upgrade to 10.0.1 as shown in [1]. If this is productive system you could also wait for the upcoming 10.0.2 where a RC1 was already tagged at github [2]





when will it be possible?