How many accounts can be added to Desktop client?


Can someone tell me how many accounts can be added to the windows version of the Desktop Client. I need to sync around 350 user folders between our desktop and OC.

or is there a 'Super User' account that will sync the entire OC database with a PC?

Hi Howard,

actually afaik as i know there is no limit, on the other hand i think this might be a rather interesting use case. Could you give us some insights on your Use Case? For a one way sync i would use probably something like rsync or so and just sync the entire owncloud/data directory.

I guess adding 350 plus accounts on the sync client might result in extreme slowness..

Hi. Thanks for replying.

We use OC as a client portal.
We create a user account for each client and send them the login details. we then use it to store all of their documents.

We currently have the OC DATA directory on premise and just save docs to it. This doesn't work well as OC has no idea what we've put in it.

We need to have access to the DATA on our network, not via a web browser as we use it all the time and it would not be practical to to upload files.

My thought was to run an FTP sync program to synchronize our PC DATA with the OC DATA and then run File:Scan on the the OC DATA to re-index it. But doing that is a lot more complicated than it sounds. Hence my question about the Desktop Client.

What is Rsync? one way sync doesn't sound like it would work, we need to know what our clients have put in their folder as well as them needing to know what we've put in them.

Maybe helps


Thanks. this is what I'd love to use, but i have no idea how to.

I've tried various installations, but have never been able to get the permissions to run SUDO commands.

I've just installed Ubunto/OC from the downloads page as a package on to a VM and still can't run them.

But yes files:scan is what I need. So if you can do it for me, I will love you.

Hey @HowardJennings if you installed a package you should have sudo rights, you wouln't be able to install the package without sudo .

Go to you server root (on ubuntu usually /var/www) and find the owncloud folder. cd into it.
There run sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan

Find more information about occ here: