How secure is owncloud and the private data?

Hi everyone,
i have a short question. At first, sorry for my bad english. So, I have a Server with the newest owncloud and the webinterface is reachable from everywhere. I will use it as my private cloud for photos, documents and everything else. At the server I have set up fail2ban, firewall, another port for ssh, non-login for root and SSL. Now the question: How secure is the cloud protected from outsite? How easy is it to steal the personal data? I am very grateful for all of the helpful answers and tips on improving security.

Nobody here can give you a threat vector analysis for your whole network without knowing everything about your network.

If you are running the latest ownCloud version (no known security issues), ALL services on your server are reasonably secured and up to date as well as you follow industry standards in regards to the network setup, there should be nobody other than you that can access that private data.

However if you don’t, you can’t find out yourself if you do, and your data is important then I would recommend to get in touch with a professional to audit your setup.


Okay, thats sounds good. Thank you very much! :slight_smile: