How to access files on android for music player

General problem, i am unable to play music from the owncloud sync folder, because no music was found. When i take a look with a file explorer, the data is there.
I tried it with different music players wich are able to work with local files, but none see more than

  • storage/emulated/0/owncloud/$USER@$Server/owncloud

but nothing in it, but there are files in it, mp3s too. How make them usable.

Your audio player needs to use the Android Storage Access Framework. Direct filesystem access hasn’t been an option for quite some time now.

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I dont understand, when i download a mp3 from my owncloud instance, i can choose the download folder an play it from there, but i can only choose the top owncloud folder, but nothing within. Looks like my player is able to play local files, but cant read in the owncloud sync folder

hm… that means no app is able to access the files in the owncloud sync folder, what makes the owncloudclient on android complete useless

That is not correct. Modern apps that utilize the Storage Access Framework can access ownCloud files. This policy change came from Android to protect user files from malicious apps.

It has been unfortunate that some developers have not added that method to their applications. Markor, the app that I used with my ownCloud notes, never added that capability and can no longer seamlessly use notes stored in the cloud. The problem is with the old app developers not wanting to update their software to use the modern Android methods. Unless you can submit new code to the app you use or find a developer who will, there is nothing that can be done.


After searching music apps who can access this files i see the only reason to make no update looks like to sell another music app who can do this (with money or ads or stealing my data). No functional stock music player on android, welcome back to the dark age of the waybearer. Thank you google that i have to pay to get access to my music+.
At this point, because i fdroid, i have to steal a player or go back to a native mp3player.

Hi @druuhl! Here one of the developers of the ownCloud Android app :grinning:.

Don’t be that dramatic! :smile: If I understood correctly, your use case was storing your music in a folder in your ownCloud account and then playing it with your favourite MP3 player app, right? Ok, so what @LinkP says it’s true, we had to move to scoped storage as a Google requirement to improve security in the app, so that external apps (such as a music player) cannot access the internal ownCloud files (including the files in your account), except if they do it from the documents provider (the secure and Android native way to access the Storage Access Framework). Most apps as you can see, don’t have this implemented yet, and seems they will never implement it.

BUT, there is still an option. In the latest 4.0 version, we added a new setting in More section called “Access document provider”, which redirects to the suggested app to access the scoped storage via document provider and thus, your ownCloud files. If your music player app cannot access via this suggested app, you can always use it to copy your music files to a local folder where the music player DOES have access and keep enjoying your music. However, you will have to take into account that it won’t synchronize with your server, and everytime you make a change, the content won’t be the same.

If you have any more question or comment don’t hesitate to post it, we’re here to help you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Copy outside the owncloud store means double the data. Im pissed because we are loosing functionality and freedom every day, sometimes for acceptable reasons, sometimes simply for greed. On a smartphone specially this is scary. No useful stock or free tools means you are nudged into walled gardens to use a tool you have paid much money, i am hard in favour of opensource, but im not a developer.
Thats a bit frustrating

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