How to access oCIS user files on the server (for PhotoPrism integration)?

I would like to host ownCloud Infinite Scale as a single-user instance for my personal needs. However, oCIS does not have very good photo management capabilities, so I want to use [PhotoPrism][1] for that.

PhotoPrism’s [doc says][2]:

If you want PhotoPrism to read from the same folder as another service, without making copies, you can simply [mount this folder as PhotoPrism’s originals directory][3].

With Nextcloud/classic ownCloud you simply find the photos folder in the data directory and mount, but [oCIS docs state about the data path][4]

The location must be used by Infinite Scale exclusively. Writing into this location not using Infinite Scale is discouraged to avoid any unexpected behavior.

So, how should I mount my photos directory from in oCIS to PhotoPrism?

4: doc.owncloud [dot] com/ocis/next/deployment/general/general-info.html#define-the-infinite-scale-data-path

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Did you ever figure this out?

Asked on photoprism gitter and got this anwser:


<> When connecting PhotoPrism with ownCloud Infinite Scale, which folder should I mount?

Good question. It can use various backends from what I know, so it will depend. You could use davfs to mount it via webdav.

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Did not have time to try out myself yet.

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Hi all, any update on this?

If you want to mount the folder, you will need to install rclone and oidc-agent. I’ll try to do it over the weekend and keep you posted.

However, I’m not sure if it’s a good practice. I’ll try to install rclone and oidc-agent on the same instance where Ocis is running.

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Hello, I found this thread via google, because I was facing the same issue for Jellyfin and Immich for Media/Photo usage. I use owncloud ocis with docker and run a Jellyfin and Immich instance on the same server via docker. What is the best way to “mount” the files into these dockers?

Anyone figured this out? I would highly appreciate some help!


Nothing as of today, see other threads (I cannot link but it is about external storage, the CTO and COO commented as well).

What I would ask the OCIS team is to use the existing linux owncloudcmd to generate an equivalent of a linux minimal client, available on the server, but with symlinks to the actual files instead of virtual files.
Currently we cannot connect apps to OCIS folders due to the filesystem structure, while having a solution like that, would cover most use cases.
Also all webdav issues, we just can set up a separate webdav server pointing to that symlinks folder.

I understand this can be perceived as a step back, but is a way OCIS team can push the topic away for quite some time reusing what is there, have more users transition to OCIS and think about it with ease.