How to access oCIS user files on the server (for PhotoPrism integration)?

I would like to host ownCloud Infinite Scale as a single-user instance for my personal needs. However, oCIS does not have very good photo management capabilities, so I want to use [PhotoPrism][1] for that.

PhotoPrism’s [doc says][2]:

If you want PhotoPrism to read from the same folder as another service, without making copies, you can simply [mount this folder as PhotoPrism’s originals directory][3].

With Nextcloud/classic ownCloud you simply find the photos folder in the data directory and mount, but [oCIS docs state about the data path][4]

The location must be used by Infinite Scale exclusively. Writing into this location not using Infinite Scale is discouraged to avoid any unexpected behavior.

So, how should I mount my photos directory from in oCIS to PhotoPrism?

4: doc.owncloud [dot] com/ocis/next/deployment/general/general-info.html#define-the-infinite-scale-data-path

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Did you ever figure this out?

Asked on photoprism gitter and got this anwser:


<> When connecting PhotoPrism with ownCloud Infinite Scale, which folder should I mount?

Good question. It can use various backends from what I know, so it will depend. You could use davfs to mount it via webdav.

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Did not have time to try out myself yet.

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Hi all, any update on this?

If you want to mount the folder, you will need to install rclone and oidc-agent. I’ll try to do it over the weekend and keep you posted.

However, I’m not sure if it’s a good practice. I’ll try to install rclone and oidc-agent on the same instance where Ocis is running.

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