How to access the APP folder?

Hello. So I am seeing how you would access the APP or APPs folder. I found a registration deal that was updated a couple months ago, however it needs to be downloaded to the computer and then somehow put in the apps folder for owncloud.

I would assume this would be either FTP or WEBDAV.

so far FTP is a no go … can’t get it to connect at all … webdav connects but looks like it is limited to only my user so I cant access the right right directory to do this.

any thoughts on how to do this would be great thanks


i think you’re looking at this from the wrong way.

To access the apps folder of ownCloud you probably can’t use WebDAV and need to to use any of the access methods (SFTP, SSH, SCP, FTP) the “base” system of the server running ownCloud is providing.

ya I can’t get FTP to work … at all.

You need an ftp server…

However, understanding your goal within the app folder would be very helpful.

No clue, what you are talking about.

registration app that allows user to register with email at the login screen