How to actually create new local folder in /data?

I actually have a question that might not be related to the Owncloud server itself but here it goes.

When you want to create a new folder that you want to share with a certain group within Owncloud, you can create a new “Local” folder within the /data folder of the server.

This is found on the admin page at the External Storage section.

You provide a new foldername, storage type is “Local”, at the configuration box you need to provide a location of a folder like /home/own/data/groupshare/testfolder and this folder should also have certain permissions?

The problem that I have is that this folder “testfolder” does not actually exist yet on the filesystem. This is not mentioned in any manual I have found. Will the GUI of Owncloud create this folder automatically for you? Or do you need to create this folder yourself using a putty session to the actual server? I don’t have any Linux experience, but I’ll find a way once I know where to look and what to set exactly.

Why don’t you just create the folder through ownCloud and share it with the group? Aren’t you overcomplicating things?

External storages are for accesing storages that are outside of the server. The “local” external storage is just a particular case of this scenario where the storage is in the same server instead of outside.

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We have been able to figure it out, we ended up making a folder and mounting that. We will see what happens exactly when sharing a folder between users.