How to add more local storage?

I am almost ready with my owncloud setup. I have remote access and DDNS is working, too. but how do I add more storage? I have several local folders and drives I could add, but there is no option. I can only add SFTP, googledrive and so on.
any help is highly appreciated. thanks in advance!

You have to enable this feature first. Please see this Post.

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thanks for your help, alfredb. I now have a “local” option, but how do I mount my local drive D? it is not visible from GUI.

I didn’t know, that you are running owncloud within a container.
That’s not my world, I’m afraid I cannot help you here. Sorry.

ok, thanks anyway. how do you run it? on a native linux PC?

Yes. For me, this is the one and only way. :wink:

I am running in a VM, because I use the PC for many other tasks that need a Windows OS.

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You’ll need to mount / bind the folder and make it available inside the VM. Check the VM’s documentation.
If you’re using the univention’s VM, I think they’re using docker containers inside. You’ll also need to check their documentation to know how you can make the folder available in the container too.
After that, you need to make sure the user running ownCloud (normally apache) has enough permissions to write inside that local folder.

I think you should consider to use external storages mounted via SMB protocol. This has several advantages:

  • You can theoretically have unlimited storage (as long as performance isn’t an issue) by connnecting several external machines, which are expected to be dedicated to store files (not necessary true, but better connect to a 1TB-free machine that another one with just 5GB).
  • Since you might not have full control over what is being uploaded in terms of size, if you mount a local storage, you need to be careful that the files won’t bloat your whole machine. A full disk not only will affect the VM but also your windows OS. You can put quotas for your ownCloud users, but you’ll need to decide if that quota is enough for the users.
    • I’m not a NAS expert, but I guess they should have a mechanism to prevent breaking the machine when the available storage is full, so I expect that connecting ownCloud to an external NAS shouldn’t have this problem (except for the “your disk is full” error)
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