How to administrate self-hosted owncloud on a linux server

I installed owncloud on a linux server. How can I access owncloud as an administrator since I can’t use any webbrowser on a linux server? Do I have to use occ? If yes: is there a list of commands or manual for occ?

Please see here:

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Thanks for the link. Is there something like a walkthrough of a minimal set of steps to just be able to test it? Is it enough to add a user and then trying to connect to my owncloud server using that user via the connection wizard?

No sure whether I understand you. What connection wizard?
Some administration tasks can be done via the web-frontend, but some of them require an ssh session for running the occ commands.

I mean the owncloud desktop app. If I add a new user, this user should be able to use the owncloud desktop app to connect to my owncloud server right away, right?

Yes, I’d expect that. But I don’t use the desktop client, thus no experience here.

Just connect to the ownCloud URL with your owncloud admin credentials created in the occ maintenance:install ... step from any desktop?

Using a web browser? I tried this. I am directed to this page:

No options to log in.

I had the same misunderstanding as described here:

I adjusted my config.php and it works now.



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