How to avoid data loss starting new server

The background: I used to have an ownCloud server at I just discovered that they shut down the server and cancelled me. I somehow never was notified and did not notice since I hardly ever accessed it other than by synching to my iphone. My iPhone did not seem to be bothered by the disruption and my ownCloud data is still on my phone.

The Question: If I set up a new ownCloud server and connect my iPhone to it will my iPhone synch add data to the new server? or will the new sever wipe the iPhone data? or?
Any thought will be much appreciated.


ownCloud mobile apps support multiaccount. So, you are allowed to attach so many accounts as you want. If you add a new account to another server, the first one will remain with the data you have stored and you can switch from one to the other one whenever you want. The data in mobile apps will never be removed or wipped from server side.