How to calculate storage space for OwnCloud


I want to setup OwnCloud for sharing a little less than 2 TB of data. I'm wondering right now how I should calculate the disk size, e. g. how much overhead there is. Or stated differently, how much real storage space should I have for 2 TB of data?


Niki Kovacs

Hello kikinovak

I think all-inclusive: os + owncloud + webmin + phpmyadmin + mysql or mariadb you will not exceed 6GB in addition to the data itself

2 TB + 6 GB :slight_smile:

I think more important is how often the files change, and how often you delete files. File versioning and the trashbin are based on user quotas, so if you only have 1 user, this should not be a problem, but if you have multiple users with no quotas set, this could become complicated.

Also, bear in mind that file encryption increases the file size by 30%.

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