How to change apps icons (like the activity app)

I've managed to change the activity app icon in the menu, creating a new icon and calling it from a modified owncloud/apps/activity/lib/AppInfo/Application.php file.

Look, I've changed the Activity app's lightning icon for a cone,

This works, but is this the way?

I'm using a new Theme, it works perfectly, but I can't find a way of modifying the icons for default apps within my theme so it gets safe in case of updates, etc.

I'm using 9.1.2 stable version of ownCloud in Ubuntu Server 16.04

Modifying the source is not a good idea. It will be overwritten during upgrades and in between your integrity check will complain because the file was changed

You should be able to do it with a theme and provide the new icon by placing it in theme folders which match the original path .../apps/activity/img/...whatever.

Did you try?

Not really tried, I thought that in apps absence in the theme, the path will be null or something like that. Thanks for the advice, I will try that and tell about the results.



tried and worked.

To change the icon, I replaced the image in a folder at /MyCustomTheme/apps/activity/img


EDIT: Works in activity app but not in Gallery one.

Can you explain in more detail how you did the menu icons in a line?
And do not the drop-down list.

Sure, it is an application I can't remember now which one but I think it is "One Menu". Sorry but I'm driving and can look later.