How to change data storage location on MAC and Bitnami owncloud installation stack 9.1.4

Steps to reproduce

  1. I use Bitnami owncloud Stack 9.1.4 installed on a volume of a MAC mini Server running OSX 10.12

  2. I am trying to change the Data directory location according to your Documentation:

  3. I am using the “use_owncloud” Terminal / script installed in the Bitnami stack in the same dirctectory as the apps directory

the Apache server is stopped by the Bitnami stack management tool
I can copy the content of the data directory with this:
sudo rsync -avz /var/www/owncloud/data /mnt/owncloud (with my own paths)

I run into problems at the step enable / disable maintenance mode
Update the oc_storages Table

Expected behaviour

Tell us what should happen

Actual behaviour

sudo -u www-data php occ maintenance:mode --on

Error Message: sudo: unknown user: www-data
sudo: unable to initialize policy plugin

Update the oc_storages Table
Run the SQL below:

UPDATE oc_storages
SET id=‘local::/mnt/owncloud/data/’
WHERE id=‘local::/var/www/owncloud/data/’;

with my file paths:
UPDATE oc_storages
SET id=‘local::/Volumes/Promise_Raid/P_Owncloud_Data/data/’
WHERE id=‘local::/Volumes/Promise_Raid/P_Owncloud_App/apps/owncloud/data/’;

Error messages:
UPDATE: command not found
SET: Command not found

Server configuration

Operating system: OS X 10.12

Web server:


PHP version:

ownCloud version: 9.1.4

Updated from an older ownCloud or fresh install: fresh

Where did you install ownCloud from: Bitnami

What did I do wrong?
I am using the terminal occasionally, but I am no expert. So may be I just have a syntax problem?
Or do I have to open files to do those changes? Like the config.php file?

Hi Andib,

In the docs you linked it states

Open a database command line client to enter database commands and activate your ownCloud database.

So for the database statements you’ll require a mysql/mariadb-clien to connect to your database. I am not aware of OsX-packages or tools, but your favorite search engine is your friend.


Thanks for the help,
I managed to open the database and make the first steps from this instruction:

Then I get hung up here to Update the oc_accounts Table
You next need to update the home column in the oc_accounts table. This column contains the absolute path for user folders, e.g., /mnt/owncloud/data/my_user/files.
If a user does not have the path already set, you have to identify the users id and set the path with the following command, user by user. This example assumes the user name is my_user and their id is 1.
Run the SQL below:
UPDATE oc_accounts SET home=’/mnt/owncloud/data/my_user/files’
** WHERE id=1;**

with a real user name instead of my_user
I get:

ERROR 1146 (42S02): Table ‘bitnami_owncloud.oc_accounts’ doesn’t exist

I do a:
| Tables_in_bitnami_owncloud |
| oc_activity |
| oc_activity_mq |
| oc_addressbookchanges |
| oc_addressbooks |
| oc_appconfig |
| oc_authtoken |
| oc_calendarchanges |
| oc_calendarobjects |
| oc_calendars |
| oc_calendarsubscriptions |
| oc_cards |
| oc_cards_properties |
| oc_comments |
| oc_comments_read_markers |
| oc_credentials |
| oc_dav_shares |
| oc_federated_reshares |
| oc_file_locks |
| oc_filecache |
| oc_files_trash |
| oc_group_admin |
| oc_group_user |
| oc_groups |
| oc_jobs |
| oc_mimetypes |
| oc_mounts |
| oc_notifications |
| oc_preferences |
| oc_privatedata |
| oc_properties |
| oc_schedulingobjects |
| oc_share |
| oc_share_external |
| oc_storages |
| oc_systemtag |
| oc_systemtag_group |
| oc_systemtag_object_mapping |
| oc_trusted_servers |
| oc_users |
| oc_vcategory |
| oc_vcategory_to_object |
41 rows in set (0,00 sec)

Is the Accounts info stored in a different table in OC 9.1?
How can I change it?
Up to now I only did a test install of Owncloud with two test users.
If I do a NEW installation and change the location before any users log in, do I need to care about the accounts?

this table came with some ownCloud 10.x

In general I’d strongly suggest to upgrade your ownCloud to the latest version before you try to achieve anything. Your current version is absolutely out of date, I do not want to know which security issues your version comes with.


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