How to change SQLite to MySQL on Mac OS?

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I have just installed owncloud server and at the end of the instalation process, I didn’t realise I could change the db parameter. Now the owncloud server is runing with SQLite. Is there a way to go back in the instalation process. I have nothing on my owncloud server yet and I have configured the MySQL parameters.

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There’s a command for it: occ db:convert-type

Here you can find more information:

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To start from scratch (this will delete everything):
delete the data folder and the file config/config.php inside your ownCloud Directory and visit the URL.


is this working again? From what i have read in the past this has stopped to work with ownCloud 10.

Open issue for this?


i think i have found an already open one while searching a little bit in the bugtracker of ownCloud:

Looks like it could come back in the next 10.3…

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