How to change the link to normal format?


When creating a public link. This link has the format https://video.tld/index.php/s/9Nf7fY38ktQudeH

How to make links like https://video.tld/index.php/s/normaltext


You would need to edit the token field in the oc_share DB table for that specific public link.

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Remember that the token is some kind of security feature. Only people who know the token/exact URL can access the share. Changing this to a “normal” string, potentially decrease the security and guessing the URL might become pretty easy.

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Absolutely! thanks @rkaussow for the additional remark.

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I am afraid I disagree. This is not even security by obscurity. If a public link is “out in the internet” there is no guarantee it would not be copied to any forum etc.

The security feature here is the password protection, not the link itself.


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